Childcare Capacity Building

ChildCare Capacity Building Funds

The CCB program is designed to create opportunities for current and potential child care providers to expand their business.  We have training, technical assistance and funds to help childcare providers expand or start their business. 

  • Registered Family Child Care
  • Certified Family Child Care
  • Certified Child Care Center

Cairo has experience and expertise in starting and managing child care programs.  Our programs are focused on meeting the needs of African Immigrant and Refugee families with linguistically and culturally specific care. Though this is our focus, we provide quality care that also effectively serves all other diverse families.

You can learn from our staff how to grow your childcare and build your knowledge.

If you want to –

  • Expand your current child care
  • Start a new childcare

We have funds that can be used for your needs to pay for costs related to expanding/creating your childcare business.

  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Application fees
  • Background checks regulatory compliance 
  • Insurance costs
  • Required furnishings
  • Upgrading outdoor play equipment
  • Materials/supplies
  • Technology 
  • Up to six months of operating costs
  • Staff training or professional development
  • Renovation or capital improvements for operations or accessibility accommodations
  • Creating business and sustainability plans
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Cultural affirmation and responsiveness
  • Inclusive and equitable care
  • Working with children with developmental disabilities or delays
  • Staff recruitment and retentio
  • Completing the licensing process
  • Applying for publicly funded child care programs (Preschool Promise, ERDC and others)
  • Staff recruitment
  • Acquiring liability insurance
  • Tracking expenses
  • Marketing and recruitment

All services and funds are free to selected child care providers. If you want to care for more children and want help with your expansion then you can apply to be part of our CCB program.

Most providers will be able to complete the program in 3-12 months and be ready to care for more children to increase their income. Once you are done with your program you can have up to 12 months of continued technical assistance from your coach.

Please go ahead and apply.  Once you apply we will either accept your application, schedule a meeting to review your application or let you know if we are unable to admit you in the program.

Applicants who are accepted will meet with our staff to create a personalized program plan that will include plans for the funds, training and coaching that you need to expand (or create) your child care business.

Program participants will receive:

  • Personalized support
  • Licensing and regulatory system navigation
  • A cohort of peers to share knowledge and resources
  • Professional and business development
  • Language and cultural supports
  • Some participants will receive funds for their expansion
Please contact us with questions.   Contact us